Any casual viewer watching the Paladins football team these last few weeks would be worried about the uncertainty ahead for the Dins. The Dins have struggled in the previous two games as they have only scored 10 points in the last few weeks combined. 

After their losses to North Carolina State and Mercer, the Dins have fallen to 2-2 (0-1 SoCon). This past week they have enjoyed a much-needed bye week to recuperate and fix their issues, primarily on the offensive side of the ball. One can easily see that the Dins have struggled in the running game, ranking 129th in the nation for rushing offense. Defenses seem to have no problem in smothering running backs Devin Wynn and Devin Abrams as the offensive line appears to collapse under the ferocious attack of the opposing defensive lines, resulting in the Dins only averaging three yards per carry this season. 

This offensive line issue has also put a lot of pressure on quarterback Hamp Sisson, giving him little time to make high percentage throws. “We certainly need to block better, and our running backs need to play better and help create explosive plays,” Hendrix said.

Clay Hendrix, who took the head coaching job for the Dins back in 2017, has reinvigorated the football program with his winning demeanor. Of course, after dropping two games to two very talented opponents, he is eager to get the team back on track. However, a tough road lies ahead for the Dins as they take on the Citadel Bulldogs and then now the undefeated East Tennessee State Buccaneers. These games could easily make or break our contention for the Southern Conference title. 

In summation, there is no need for fans to worry. The team is practicing hard under the inspiring leadership of Coach Hendrix despite the gloomy weather that has swept over campus this past week. Luckily, the sound of the Paladin Regiment, the cheers of the crowd, and the Paladin football squad will be back at the mighty Paladin Stadium next week for homecoming versus our arch-rival, the Citadel. Be there to cheer on your Paladins next Saturday and go Dins!