Since 1901, Furman University’s history has been kept alive and preserved through yearbooks. Previously known as Blue and the Gold back when Furman was Greenville Women’s College, the current yearbook is now known by students as Bonhomie. After it was first published in 1901, Bonhomie had not missed a year of publication, that is until the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Currently boasting 119 volumes, the Bonhomie lacks a 2020 publication following the year’s unique challenges which made what was supposed to be Bonhomie’s 120th volume difficult to produce. This year, though, according to Assistant Vice President for Student Development Neil Jamerson, students can expect to see Bonhomie publication resuming.  

Current senior Katie Voulgaris has not previously owned a copy of Bonhomie but plans on doing so this year. “I think I will get a copy because it is my last year,“ said Voulgaris.

Another senior, Calleigh Brignull, said she will not be getting a yearbook this year due to her past experiences with it. When asked about Bonhomie, Bringull said, “I have one from freshman year and I personally never used it. They also misspelled my name a few times my freshman year in my team photos.”

While Balfour, a website selling things for graduates, and the Furman University bookstore do not have options to obtain this year's copy of Bonhomie, more information should become available soon.