And just like that, a new year has come and gone. For many of us, the start of a new year means new resolutions and goals. January 2022 is like a reset button. It is a chance to start fresh and to remind ourselves of what we care most about in our lives – whether that be prioritizing relationships, finding ways to challenge yourself, working on school/life balance, or getting outside more.

And while you may have already thought about your own New Year’s resolutions, this article is not about giving you more to add to the list. January 2021, I told myself that I would write in a daily gratitude journal. Nothing too long or time-consuming, just small things I was grateful for each day. Did this goal of mine last more than a week or so? No. And while this won’t necessarily be true for everyone, journaling just wasn’t my thing. It felt more like a task than a valuable activity for me.

 That said, there is nothing wrong with setting resolutions or creating a vision board. I find it more meaningful, however, to silently reflect and to put small actions into practice. Just ask yourself… how sustainable will your resolutions be for you? It may be more beneficial to set small goals rather than significant changes such as losing a bunch of weight, changing your diet, or deleting social media apps that we all know will just be re-downloaded in a few days. Rather, make it a priority to walk outside more, meal prep to avoid last-minute unhealthy options, and spend less time on your phone.

 Think about what makes you feel the happiest, not what you think you should work on or cut out of your life. Not to mention, it’s difficult to find drive in the things we aren’t passionate about. So, take a second and reflect. What truly matters to you? My passion lies in all things health and wellness. I love learning about natural remedies and holistic approaches to enhance my physical and mental well-being; I enjoy trying new workouts and nourishing my body with whole foods. What I have found most instrumental in my wellness pursuits is maintaining consistency. Being consistent with my healthy habits is paramount.

 People always wonder how they can stay motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and while there is not one correct answer, it all comes down to how it makes you feel. Do you feel energized and strong? What about clearheaded and inspired? What I cannot stress enough is the importance of listening to your mind and body. Remember, though, that not every day will be your best. We all go through ups and downs, but what is salient to remind yourself is that it all comes down to our mindset – how we CHOOSE to respond to stress, anxiety, and things that upset us. Because, at the end of the day, it is about feeling your best, living a balanced lifestyle, having gratitude, and being inspired to be the best version of yourself.

 Not quite sure where to start? Below, I highlighted some healthy habits that I have found to enhance my overall health and wellbeing:

  1. Being outdoors/giving myself a mental break from schoolwork.

  2. Exercising.

  3. Getting adequate sleep.

  4. Consuming less processed foods and more whole foods.

  5. Making time for friends.

  6. Meditating with the Headspace app.