On Sunday morning, the Greenville area experienced snow and consistent winds over 20 mph with gusts over 40 mph.

Trees were shaking, snow was blowing sideways, and the wind tore siding and soffit off buildings in North Village. (Soffit is the material under the overhang of the roof.)

Most of the damage is concentrated on North Village buildings B and C, but North Village A also sustained some damage. The integrity of the roofing appears uncompromised. The Paladin did not find damage to other North Village buildings.


Siding missing from the front of North Village C. In the middle, the attic space is slightly exposed. Soffit is also damaged.
Sofft near the entrance to the North Village B third floor laundry room peeling and missing.
Soffit from North Village B scattered on the ground.
Soffit missing from the top balcony of North Village A.
A piece of siding from North Village C landed between North Village B and C.

Update Jan. 25: We recently learned that some of the soffit in North Village E was also damaged in the storm.