Furman University has begun renovating apartment building D in North Village.

The Paladin attended a meeting during the Spring of 2022 in which Housing and Residence Life consulted students on the interior finishes and design of the renovated apartments. Complete details and mockups of the renovations have been posted outside of the Student Life office in Trone Student Center since late July. The renovations will covert balconies and porches into sunrooms, remove a portion of the kitchen wall near the bar, and replace bathtubs with a walk-in shower. New finishes include flooring, cabinets and countertops with neutral tones. Furniture with a more modern design will replace the existing furniture and tables will now be provided in the living room.

Living room furniture.

Ron Thompson, Director of Housing and Residence Life, has discussed renovation plans with RAs. The university has not released an announcement of the construction plans through email or on the Furman website.

Since the renovation process has begun, some students in apartments close to D have complained that they hear construction early in the morning.

The Paladin reached out to Thompson for more details on the renovations. Thompson confirmed that information on the renovations will be released to the student body soon.

Floor plan of a renovated apartment. It shows the new furniture and modified walls.