$15 per article

Passionate about anything on campus and want to write about it? Fill out our short application to let us know you are interested in writing!

Apply 1-3 minutes

Business Manager

Flexible schedule; Paid

The Business Manager assists the Editor-in-Chief with putting together the budget and keeping track of expenses and payroll. Candidate qualities should include organizational skills, good communication, money management awareness, and basic Excel capabilities.

Apply < 10 minutes

Web Developer

4 hours per week; $9.00/hr

We are looking for first- and second-year students to fill this position.

You will be expected to assist the Digital Director with the following responsibilities:

  • Manage select website content.
  • Add new features and experiences to the website.
  • Diagnose any issues that may occur on the website.
  • Assist writers and editors with the software we use.

For this job, you will need to be familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We will help you learn these programming languages. We will not expect you to be capable of doing all of the requirements listed above when you first start.

Apply 4-6 minutes


6 hours per week; $11.00/hr

The position involves managing content flow and coverage. Work with section editors to produce quality pieces. Must be able to carry out sound journalistic decision making.

Apply < 20 minutes

Print Media Distributer, The Flusher (Female)

25 minutes every Sunday; $10.00
  • Post copies of The Flusher in select restroom on campus on Sundays
  • Must be able to enter women's restrooms on campus
Apply 1-2 minutes

Print Media Distributor, The Paladin Newspaper

30 minutes every 2-3 weeks; $10.00
  • Distribute issues of The Paladin Newspaper to campus newstands for the release of an issue.
    • Issues are released between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
Apply 1-2 minutes

Copy Editor

2 hours per week; Paid

Copy editors edit articles and provide writers and section editors with feedback. Editing is AP Style. This position requires grammatical proficiency and editing skills.

Apply 5-10 minutes
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