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Started in 1893, The Echo has a rich history as an esteemed publication of student literay and art works. It is a important location of conversation and communion among writers, artists, and readers. The Echo seeks to publish innovative work by promising writers and artists and to expose members of the editorial board to the process of editing and producing a literary magazine.

The Paladin Network is Furman University's only independent student news network. Established in 1916 as a print newspaper, it has expanded its focus to provide creative outlets for members of the student body in addition to regualar newspaper reporting on campus news.

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Blurred Past

By Alexis Burson

It’s been so long
The ballroom empty
Lost footsteps
Echoing in the silence
Every cough or clearing throat
A grave danger
A step back

But the melody is in the distance
The chair
Orchestration indoors
Audiences present
Unmuffled laughter
Visible smiles
Crowded stadiums

Is that what life used to be like?
It’s been so long
But the melody is engraved in my veins
The old notes coming up my throat
It’s been so long
But it’s so close
f we could keep going a little longer

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