On Tuesday, students were informed via email that meal exchanges were changing again to account for fluctuating food prices.

Meal exchanges are intended to provide a full-size meal outside the dining hall and are separate from food points. They are included in all student dining plans.

At some dining locations, students will have more meal exchange options. All salads and sandwiches from the Pala-Den now count as meal exchanges, including the chicken Cesear salad. Previously, only plain salads and sandwiches qualified. In The Library Cafe, bagels with no more than one topping now also qualify as a meal exchange.

At other locations, meal exchange options will be reduced. At The Paddock, chicken tenders will require food points. And shockingly, Bread and Bowl will further reduce its meal exchange options to only include toasted bread.

The Horse reached out to Teddy Gert, Director of Auxiliary Services, who oversees Dining Services at Furman, for comment on the changes. Gert was proud of the new options Dining Services was able to bring to the Pala-Den and The Library Cafe. In particular, he emphasized "the portability of the expanded Pala-Den and Library Cafe options," likely in reference to complaints from students who struggle to find time to eat due to Pathways.

Carson Abrams, a first-year student living in Clark Murphy Housing Complex, told The Horse "Bread and Bowl used to be one of our favorite places to eat on campus," referring to bi-weekly gatherings of the sandwich club on campus. "We still like Bread and Bowl, but we'll have to start eating sandwiches from the Dining Hall and P-Den."

Another student, Jessica Morgan, joked "I guess we can add napkins between the pieces of toasted bread for a boost in fiber."

When asked how toasted bread could be considered an appropriate meal exchange, Gert stated that "a focus group of students from all classes were supportive of the meal exchange changes." Gert recommended against eating napkins.

The changes to meal exchanges will be implemented Dec. 1.