Following the news in late December that some Furman students have been living in apartments with mold, the University hired an independent environmental testing consultant to investigate the causes of mold in North Village.

While the exact contents of the report are unknown, Housing and Residence Life Director Ton Rompson sent an email on Wednesday claiming that "all North Village apartments have the best lighting and are never humid", and then told students "[Furman] have concluded that the recent expansion of Verizon Wireless 5G into Travelers Rest is the source of the mold." Rompson pointed out the outbreak of mold in the surrounding community that was covered by The Travelers Rest Monitor. Read Rompson's full email below:

Hello {{name}},

Over winter break, Housing and Residence life hired an independent environmental testing consultant to investigate reports of mold in North Village. The independent consultant found mold in some apartments, had a taste, and said the mold was safe and edible.

The consultant assured us that the ventilation in the apartments is so strong that the never gets humid - even when the shower is running. The consultant informed us that the most likely cause of the mold was 5G mobile networks.

Our department was skeptical at first, but a second consultant came to the same conclusion. Following the introduction of 5G to the Greenville area, there has been a spike in mold in the area.

Students are encouraged to take actions to dismantle 5G towers using the complementary explosives that can be found in the Student Life suite in Trone Student Center.


Ton Rompson
Director of Housing and Residence Life
Furman University
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