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Igniting the Burnout Music Festival 
The Paladin sat down with Andrew Cooter ’25 of The Daily Havoc to talk Furman’s lively rock scene and a new campus tradition starting tomorrow night: the Burnout Music Festival.
Nov. 16, 2023 | By Jenna Dawley
Furman’s Most Recognizable Face: Mr. Jim
Jim Benes, known to students as “Mr. Jim,” has recently gained popularity amongst Furman students for his kindness.
Nov. 08, 2023 | By Rachel Housworth
Mission and Meaning: The Growth of the Native American and Indigenous People’s Association
For Native American Heritage month, The Paladin sat down with leadership from the Native American and Indigenous People’s Association (NAIA) to talk upcoming events and a promising future direction.
Nov. 01, 2023 | By Jenna Dawley
Finding Stillness and Healing in Nature: A Review of Furman Singers’ Fall Concert
The Furman Singers presented a nature-themed evening concert on Oct. 19.
Oct. 31, 2023 | By Riley Garvin
“The Prom,” Pride, and the Art of Allyship
Furman Theatre’s production of “The Prom,” which ran for ten days in early October, provided a stellar satire of performative activism.
Oct. 29, 2023 | By Katherine Murphy
FUSAB’s Sinister Circus: A Haunted House in Our Backyard
Join FUSAB this evening for a night of scary fun as they ring in the Halloween season with the annual Haunted Trail.
Oct. 19, 2023 | By David Jones
More Than Music: Exploring the Heart of Furman’s K-Pop Club
Korean pop music has risen in popularity throughout the course of the 21st century, and Furman students are no exception. Get to know the story behind our K-Pop Club’s founding, outlook, and core community.
Oct. 12, 2023 | By Jenna Dawley
Combatting Loneliness: How To Adjust to Life at College
Adjusting to life at college can be a lonely process. Here are some tips from someone who has taken on the challenge twice.
Oct. 05, 2023 | By Aubrey Zoodsma
CELLObration Event Delivers Two Nights of Enchanting Music
The CELLObration program featured two evenings of faculty and student cello concerts.
Oct. 01, 2023 | By Riley Garvin
Student Organization Spotlight:  Furman University Car Club
A look into the Furman University Car Club and how it came to be, through the words of current Vice President Cole Morehead ’24.
Sept. 27, 2023 | By Jack Quinn
Indie Craft Parade: Showcasing Entrepreneurs, Artists, and More!
The Indie Craft Parade, held in Timmons Arena, brought a wide range of talented artists and entrepreneurs to Furman’s campus.
Sept. 27, 2023 | By Aubry Schweiner
How Stress Affects Us: A Case to Connect Us
How do we mitigate stress? Community and self-compassion might be the answer, says Furman’s resident stress researcher Dr. Cinnamon Stetler. 
Sept. 26, 2023 | By Jenna Dawley
It’s Not Over Yet: Bring Baseball Back to Furman
Here’s what I learned about Furman Baseball after starting a petition and campaign to bring the program back.
Sept. 21, 2023 | By Aubrey Zoodsma
Alpha Phi Omega: An Alternative Greek Community
Traditional Greek life certainly isn’t for everyone, but other organizations on campus can provide a similar sense of community — without the high price tag and social exclusivity. 
Sept. 21, 2023 | By Audrey Enghauser
Home Bodies: A Delightful Look Into What Makes A Home A Home
The charming exhibit by Isabella Quick ’24, Emma Gambrill ’24, and Dr. Kevin Kao brought a sense of home to the hustle and bustle of Furman life.
Sept. 21, 2023 | By Stephen Turner
Review: Warehouse Theatre’s 50th Season Opens on a High Note with “Twelfth Night”
Greenville’s Warehouse Theatre recently kicked off its 50th season with a modernized production of Twelfth Night.
Sept. 13, 2023 | By Savannah Jones
Don’t Blame Barbie: A Response to the “Unpacking Barbie” CLP
The long-awaited CLP was overly critical of a film that has reignited conversations about misogyny and the patriarchy.
Sept. 10, 2023 | By Lydia Beachum
Designer David Jones Turns Heads with Handmade Clothes
David Jones ’25 (any pronouns) started making clothes during the pandemic. Now, they are a costume designer for Furman Theatre productions and the architect of multiple personal collections.
Aug. 31, 2023 | By Savannah Jones
Why Journalism Matters to Furman: My Farewell
What it means to be invested.
May 06, 2023 | By Scotty Bryan
We Forgot Our Transportation Goals
Furman’s ambitious sustainability plan lacks specific transportation targets. We forgot to follow through with most of the initiatives.
April 26, 2023 | By Jack Buehner and Kylie Gambrill
Is There Hope for Furman’s Carbon Neutrality Ambitions?
The university has made substantial progress, but a renewed and re-energized commitment is needed.
April 24, 2023 | By Jack Buehner and Kylie Gambrill
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