Students Struggle to Get Adequate Support from Furman Counseling
While Furman counseling has made some recent changes, students still report a lack of agency in the process and discomfort in these meetings.
April 05, 2023 | By Audrey Enghauser
Forging the Path Forward: President Davis Reflects
President Davis sat down with The Paladin at the end of 2022 to discuss events of the year and where Furman is headed in 2023 and beyond.
March 15, 2023 | By Scotty Bryan
Black History Month Q&A with Dr. Franklin Ellis
Paladin Columnist Audrey Enghauser sits down with Franklin Ellis, Associate Dean and Director for the Center for Inclusive Communities to discuss Furman’s 2023 Black History Month programs and the impact they can have on students of color and allies alike.
Feb. 23, 2023 | By Audrey Enghauser
Furman Partners With Apogee to Upgrade Residential Internet
The upgrades will start in North Village before continuing to the residential halls.
Feb. 21, 2023 | By Jack Buehner
What the Tocqueville Protests Were Really About
On February 2nd, a speaker by the name of Scott Yenor spoke at Furman University for a CLP sponsored by the Tocqueville Program, drawing out a crowd of silent protestors who firmly opposed his past controversial comments
Feb. 09, 2023 | By Alan Bi
Recycling Challenges
Changing recycling in Greenville prompts us to reevaluate our responsibility to the plastic problem.
Feb. 07, 2023 | By Kylie Gambrill
Campus Pro-Life Demonstration and Counter-Protest
Jan. 26, 2023 | By Scotty Bryan
Dr. Christopher Healy Sues Furman University
Nearly three months after his suspension, Dr. Christopher Healy brings a lawsuit to Furman University.
Jan. 13, 2023 | By Victoria Kalau
Furman Flu Season Off to Hot Start
From desolate classes, to increased masking on campus, it is apparent flu season is in high gear at Furman
Dec. 05, 2022 | By Noah Chmil
Pathways Program Expansion and Student Response
Freshmen are now required to take Pathways for two years—what is the consensus thus far?
Oct. 31, 2022 | By Savannah Jones
Black Mold in North Village E
Immunocompromised student suffers health complications after black mold discovery.
Oct. 28, 2022 | By Scotty Bryan
Furman Hosts Community Dialogue Session Regarding Dr. Healy
Students raised concerns about the University’s response.
Oct. 21, 2022 | By Scotty Bryan
Building Bridges: An Interview with Furman’s Student Government Association
Furman University’s Student Government Association participated in a short interview with The Paladin to discuss their plans for the upcoming academic year.
Oct. 20, 2022 | By Chloe Treible
Waterfowl on Campus
Furman’s famous swans and even more infamous geese – how did they get here and where do they go?
Oct. 13, 2022 | By Noah Chmil
Water Levels in Furman Lake
Furman Lake has recently experienced some changes in water level–why?
Sept. 30, 2022 | By Victoria Kalau
The Results of the Campus Climate Survey
President Davis releases and addresses the results of the campus’ Climate Assessment Survey
Sept. 29, 2022 | By Hallie Shuler
Campus Responses to Sexual Assault, Part 3: Furman University Police
Officers are trained to respond and investigate sex crimes. Interviewees report mistreatment from former officer.
Sept. 19, 2022 | By Nath Kapoor
Furman University Conservative Society Begins New Tradition to Remember 9/11
Members of the Greenville community join Furman students in flag planting ceremony.
Sept. 18, 2022 | By Chloe Treible
Monkeypox Cases Are Increasing in The Upstate
Sept. 15, 2022 | By Jack Buehner
Campus Responses to Sexual Assault, Part 2: Confidential Advocates
Students express need for confidential support before they approach Title IX. Furman’s Peer Institutions offer this type of resource.
Sept. 12, 2022 | By Nath Kapoor
Campus Responses to Sexual Assault, Part 1: The Title IX Office
“Flexible menu of options”: Title IX serves students in need beyond the formal process.
Sept. 06, 2022 | By Nath Kapoor
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