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Spring Break Fitness Challenge

What better way to start the month off than with a week full of workout ideas! Not sure where to start? Looking for inspiration? Look no further. From slow movements and meditation to HIIT cardio, let’s get moving! 
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I bet we have all seen fitness brands or influencers promote their “January Challenge” with guided workouts and meal plans. How many times, though, have you set fitness goals for the new year only to break them by the end of February? I know many of us can relate to this. It can become difficult to stay motivated without a set plan in place – not knowing where to even begin puts many at the precipice of falling back into unhealthy habits. And so, if that resonates with you at all, I have your back. For the month of March, I have created a week-long fitness challenge to inspire your own workout regime.

As college students, we all know the struggle of finding time to work out. At least for me, school days go by so fast and sometimes, I just can’t find the time to get out and exercise. That said, it is all the more important that we are cognizant of this type of mindset. If physical activity is a priority for you, make it one. What better way to release some stress – especially during midterm season – with fun exercises to boost your mood? This semester, I have made it a goal to find more yin and yang between academics, friends, and me time because it will be worthwhile, and remember, doable.

A workout doesn’t have to take an hour to break a sweat and to feel good about yourself. It all comes down to three things: intent, action, and consistency. Would it not be more beneficial to incorporate healthy habits throughout the week rather than stress your body out with one long, overwhelming workout? That said, I encourage you to find movements that inspire and motivate you, following this week-long challenge. Crafting a routine that makes sense with your current lifestyle in addition to making sure it is something you can hold yourself accountable to is key. Let’s say you are determined to completely cut out sugar for a month. It may be more realistic for some to limit having sweets twice per week or only on the weekends.

That said, I hope you can join me in my fitness challenge for the start of March. Below, you will find a simple and easy guide to follow. And don’t be afraid to tweak it to your needs. It’s all about finding a routine that you can have fun with and commit to – all while meeting your personal goals. Enjoy!

Workout Schedule

MON: 3/7 – SLOW MOVEMENTS! This can include walking, stretching, or yoga. Just something to get your body warm and blood circulating. Time: how much time do you have? It can be from as little as 10min to 30min.

TUE: 3/8 – ARMS! You can either use your own body weight or grab a pair of weights. I normally go with 5 pounds when I’m in my dorm room. Not sure where to begin? Below, I have highlighted some of my favorite movements that will leave you feeling sore!  

2x/30 sec

Tricep push-ups


Boxing Punches

Body Saw

Bicep In & Out

Tricep Swings


WED: 3/9 – FULL BODY! This could be a Full Body Yoga Pilates workout to Cardio.

2x/30 sec

Walk down planks

Standing ab bicycle

Squats with an elbow cross

Back lunge to side lunge

Squat and punch

One leg bridges

Walking high knees

SA press L

Chest openers

Side plank rotations

Shoulder taps

Long arm crunches

Balance stand

High plank to downward dog

THURS: 3/10 – CORE AND LOWER BODY! Ab day is my favorite. Enjoy these two circuits put together just for you!


Arm crunch extensions

Oblique twist

Flutter kicks

Heel to toe touch

Leg drops

Oblique twist seated

In and out

Butterfly sit up

Plank with arm raise (L&R)

Plank rotations


Donkey Kicks (L&R)

Straight Leg Kick Back (L&R)

Fire Hydrant (L&R)

Glute Bridges

Rainbow (L&R)

Outer Thigh Lift (L&R)

Outer Thigh Circles (L&R)

FRI: 3/11 – REST DAY! Woohoo! Enjoy the day off.

SAT: 3/12 – CARDIO + 5 MIN MEDITATION! Incorporate a cardio/aerobic exercise like running, walking, cycling, or swimming. Let’s get our heart rate up and start the week off strong. We got this.

I’ll leave it at that. Get creative, discover what motivates you, and inspire others to achieve their health goals. Your mind and body will thank you.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained fitness professional, so use at your own discretion. These are just some ideas to get you started.

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