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The Works — Back And Better Than Ever!

The Works has returned! Catch Grace Ryan’s take on the ins and outs of campus culture and Greenville life!

Welcome to “The Works,” your guide to all things A, C, & C at Furman. This newsletter is by the students for the students, meaning it’s a fun read perfect for a 5 minute homework break or in-between class scroll. In other words, no paragraph-long email, promise. We’re simply here to catch you up on the trends, events, people, and things you might’ve — but definitely shouldn’t have — missed. If you like us, or even if you don’t (but we really hope you do), be sure to send this to some other Furman friends. And if you think we missed something huge, be sure to drop us a line….we love hearing from you!

The Works’ Best Work

Dear Furman Focused…Provide Zoom for Quarantined StudentsEditor-in-Chief Scotty Bryan doesn’t mince words in this editorial, and in doing so highlights what SO many of us have rightfully been wondering…where did Zoom go, and why has it not returned? 

Color, Creativity, and Construction, Oh My!You’ve seen the bridge, I’ve seen the bridge, the random walkers around the lake have seen the bridge…so finally Josephine Geraghty figured out who built the bridge, and even got the story behind it!

The 5 W’S

​The Who, What, When, Where, and Why You Need to Know


Anna Morgan. Talk about all-star material, golfer Morgan just got invited to the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. If you can’t tell just from the name, that’s a big deal. Scratch that….that’s a huge deal. Morgan will compete with 71 other women from across the whole wide 🌍 at this tournament, and the winner gets a pretty sweet prize package — invitations to the next five Augusta National Women’s Amateurs, the 2022 U.S. Women’s Open, the 2022 Women’s British Open, and any USGA, R&A and PGA of America amateur championships she is eligible for. 

As someone who once hit the ball sideways at TopGolf — I kid you not it hit the ball dispenser and ricocheted back at me — I’m pretty awe struck. But, while my golf game might be a stroke short, I can really drive home a good golf joke. For instance, why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole in one *Ba-Dum-Cha*


While Furman News is hardly the most riveting multi-media outlet around, their readership surely shot up after announcing the administration’s much-anticipated and badly-needed plans to renovate SoHo. 🚧Honestly, the extent of their proposal shocked me; not only is Blackwell biting the dust *RIP* but Manly, McGlo, Geer, and Poteat will all be getting face lifts. Plus, the Center for Inclusive Communities (CIC) will be relocating to SoHo from its current location in Trone, meaning the organization gets more leg-room ✈  to fit their growing needs.

The project will supposedly be done in 2024, with construction taking place in stages until then. Given Furman’s somewhat spotty handling of whatever the heck was going on with the lake last year, I don’t have enormous faith that this project will go any more smoothly than that but, hey, who knows. Furman was smart enough to put a woman-owned construction company in charge of this one, so perhaps they’re taking notice of our lady athletes and hoppin’ on that #girlpower train.


Despite the many conflicting ideologies on campus, I think we can all agree on one thing….Furman hates trees. 🌳

OK, I’m kidding with that one. But in all seriousness, I can’t be the only one who thought I took a wrong turn on my way back from winter break and ended up in the post-thneed landscape of The Lorax.

I’m not sure where our little orange buddy was during the holidays, but he must have been tanning in Cancun or something ☀ and not protecting our trees like he should have been. And while the Furman administration reports that the demolition of the trees was due to a nasty fungus amung-us, speculation is running wild that President Davis is starting a thneed-esk business herself and needs the trees for material. Rumor has it she is using the trees to make masks, which is why we all have to keep wearing them — just think, captive audience. 😷😷😷

I heard that from these guys though, so my information is bear-ly reliable. 🐻


For loyal readers, you might remember my love of all things tacos. Well, stand aside you hand-held bits of magic (but don’t go too far) because there are some new players on the block…lots, actually. And these newbies can all be devoured at a Greenville must-try, a new one for me but perhaps a staple of others — Asada. Serving up “Latin American Fusion” you cannot go wrong with a single item on their menu. For the less adventurous eaters, they have your standard tacos and burritos. But for those looking to make their taste buds salsa dance, they’ve got arepas, sopes, cubanos, and so. much. more. Plus, their house made, I repeat HOUSE MADE sangria is da bomb.com. They sell it in pitchers. You’re welcome. 

Pictured above are my personal favorites: tacos de camarones and mole (shrimp tacos and mole sauce), an arepa rellena, and grilled sweet potato and leeks sopes. Plus, of course, chips, salsa, and guac. While it’s not the cheapest food around the quality is off the charts and the owners will make you feel like you’re sitting in their kitchen at home. So next time you’re going out, consider Asada. You won’t be a-sorry. 


S’Now, I’ve heard something is a-brewing on the weather report….apparently the Upstate is about to get some pretty hefty snowfall on Sunday, somewhere around 8-12 inches. ❄ Being a Northern myself that is pretty par for the course (another golf zinger!), but to you Southerners it might feel like Snow Armageddon this weekend. So, here’s some helpful advice: go to the store and buy the classic I’m-freaking-the-f*ck out supplies — aka milk, bread,  water, and hot chocolate (the most important item I might argue) — make sure your Netflix subscriptions are all up and running, and get out your woolies…it’s snow time! For those of you who remember last year’s dusting, snow days at Furman are pretty fun and, given we have the next day off from school ~bless~ I think Sunday could be one for the record books. ☃If you’re superstitious, consider wearing your pj’s inside out on Saturday to bring us some extra inches and, when you go outside on Sunday to make the incredibly mature snow drawings I am sure will soon litter campus, take some pics. We’d love to highlight the most creative ones in the next edition!

And if you get a funny video of a wipe-out or snowball attack like the one above, I sincerely promise I will feature it next week. Like pinky swear.

That’s it for this week folks. Stay safe this weekend, enjoy the extra day of rest, and catch you soon!

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